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No argument on anything you said. I do believe McCoy will be interesting to watch in FA if cut by bucs but he’s a 12m cap hit and on a team that is essentially about to be rebuilt. Bowles is their DC, right?

suh got 14m for a one year deal, so if we want McCoy I’d reckon we have to open checkbook. Although, I think he’d be worth it. He’s the type FA signing that can propel a team to the next level

id gladly cut brooks reed and Alford to pay for McCoy

Absolutely bro.  I personally believe we can get the right mix of what we want with a veteran run stuffer like Bennie Logan and a pass rusher in the draft like Gary.  I think that improves the run D which will give our pass rushers more opportunities to rush.  Thats the cheap way out. 

I also believe that a DT like Suh or McCoy can turn this defense into a real attacking defense like Seattle 13', 14' was.  Im also down to spend money on a Brandon Graham to sure up both run and pass department.

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