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5 minutes ago, Dutty Ole Bird said:

DQ, TD have both made it clear we will run outside zone but we will mix inside zone. We aren't going to run man power and we don't have the personnel to do it.

This. There will be some plays where we're chiefly using man principles, but the overwhelming majority of the time, the option won't be zone or man, but rather inside or outside zone.

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On 1/21/2019 at 1:08 PM, *TMo* said:

Will the Atlanta Falcons still use the zone blocking scheme next year or will they go to more of a man blocking attack like we did when Coach Koetter was here before?

Quinn said we're going ZBS inside and outside. Hopefully we mix in some power runs. With Kutty and Mularkey on the squad that's highly possible. Better fix the OLine regardless of what we run. Quinn already said 3 of the 5 Dimi OLinemen suck.

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