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Offseason thread 2020


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Just checking in after a bit of a hiatus. How has the net to total carb transition gone @SacFalcFan? You manage to stay keto for Turkey day?

My health has been pretty much in the crapper the last couple of weeks but finally rebounding. 

As to BF, I stopped really doing much with it ages ago. Too much craziness for not enough of a deal. Decent enough options online if you put in the time. 

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What are your favorite TV shows and movies that are available via streaming services right now?

Kill Bill 1 & 2 are great, leaving Netflix soon.

For heavy TV, Breaking Bad. For lighthearted but thoughtful TV, the Good Place. (Both on Netflix)

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Currently doing Breaking Bad.  Down to 12 episodes for us to watch.

Watched Dexter before BB and the first 4 seasons are good.  5th is ok and I didn't like 6-8.  One of the worst endings of any series ever.  So I'd recommend watching 1-4 or 1-5 and then quit.

Before that did the original CSI (we quit it when Gus left the show, believe it was middle of season 9? a much better way to finish the show).

House is great but I wouldn't recommend watching back to back to back because it becomes way too predictable when the "answer" will happen in the show.

If your wife is home then she may like what my wife had us watch Wonder and Gifted and both good just be ready as there was alot of onions apparently being cut up in the room or dust or something...

Getting close to the draft I like watching Draft Day ("I want my picks back, all of them").  Just wish he didn't say gd through the whole movie.  

Some other movies we went back and watched were: Chasing Mavericks, Walter Mitty, The Accountant, Mr. Brooks, Hanna, Hacksaw Ridge, Iron Man, and Thor Ragnarok

Probably watching BB tonight if not maybe Whiplash (had it for awhile but just haven't watched it yet).

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