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Video of teen verbally confronting Vet

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Just now, Rocko said:

If someone wants to kill a baby It shouldnt be legal. Not sure how this conversation even makes sense in your reality. Again we know which side of the civil war you'd be on

You'd be on the side that thinks women can be denied free will under certain circumstances in the service of the preservation of fertilized cells. You can ride your high horse into the sunset, if you want, but honestly I just doubt people would fight a civil war for it the way you act like you want to. It seems like it isn't a big problem for our society relative to abortion in any other society.

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9 hours ago, JayOzOne said:

When you read that God commanded the Israelites to kill entire populations of people, not even sparing women or children or even their cattle, do you co-sign? Were you "cheering" for Him? Better yet, if He told you to do it, would you obey?

Asking for a friend...

I didn't tell you to ask that.

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10 hours ago, Serge said:

How the **** am I a Democrat, WFW is closer to being a Democrat than me. :shrug:

And that doesn't remotely address a pretty basic reality. I've never once gotten a straight answer on it, either. If a country where it's illegal were to have a population the same as ours, their illegal abortions would outnumber our legal ones, oftentimes like 2:1. Why does it need to be illegal if that has nothing to do with actually reducing the number performed and it denies half the population control of their own body?

Vindicated, see I tried to tell y'all, I am probably more in the center than most on here.

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Just now, Rocko said:

Young white males protesting the slaughter of innocent children.

Black Israelites yell racial and homophobic slurs at young white males

Native american man walks into crowd of young white males and bangs on a drum inches from a young white males face

Conclusion its the white folks fault , white supremacy.... ok again 

As someone who went to Catholic schools I can assure you of this:

Few, if any, of those students give a ****. Those schools promise the students extra credit if they go so they take it. The schools do this in order to inflate the numbers at these protests.

To the rest, refer to the pages of us making fun of the hilarious drum argument.

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24 minutes ago, Rocko said:

And your points are totally irrelevant. They were clearly not the aggressors and your white power, white privilege, white supremacy nonsense falls apart. This is what the fellow I told to quit posting was referring too. It doesnt matter what you say about caucasians on this board but had he posted your racist trash about a non white person he would have been modsmacked. It's just nonsense of a whole lot of the people on and running these boards.

Or you could watch the videos. You could even watch the one Reason and the MAGA crowd clutched for dear life to. They absolutely blocked off the native march and began to surround him, leading to the famous picture. This isn't even including the other videos where they harassed other people in separate locations.

But I don't expect better of you, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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6 minutes ago, Rocko said:

Wrong again watch the whole video. The guy approached the crowd, walked into it, and stopped at the guy who didnt move out of the way for him and beat a drum in his face. 

So white males must move if a minority tells them too? Can white males also tell minorities to move too or no? 

On 1/21/2019 at 0:34 PM, Psychic Gibbon said:

They were standing in the path of the natives march, the natives tried to walk around them but the kids blocked them off, then you get the scenes we're familiar with, then after a few minutes when it was clear the kids were not going to move, clear a path, stop mocking them, or saying **** like it was good that the native's lands were stolen they gave up, left, and sought a different path around them.

So, no. The right's attempt to run interference for them has been lacking, at best.

That BS isn't going to work on me, boyo.

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So, the entire fiasco has completely been debunked as just another in a long list of SJW-fueled hoaxes. It's interesting to see which posters are still clinging to their day-one narrative.

What's noteworthy is the insistence of those last few hold-outs that newly released videos continue to prove their assertions, despite the evidence otherwise.They see what they want to see, often infusing their own slanted world-view into the scenes. A smile is now a smirk. A man walking into a large crowd is being blocked. Or how known liar, activist instigator, and GROWN MAN, is somehow the victim when he purposefully singles out to harass a child with his drum. 

What's plainly obvious of course, is that these kids were destined to be painted "evil" by the media, the moment they put on the MAGA hats.

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