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3 minutes ago, jlrfalcon said:

I have a feeling that 10-20 years from now, some secret is going to be revealed that was behind Brady and the Patriots success.  This league is built for parity and there is no logic to them constantly returning to the Superbowl.  Are they paying somebody off? Do they have hackers that steal opponent game plans? Is Brady really a robot?

I am rooting for the Rams to win the SB as much for the health of this league as for the fact that I hate the Patriots.

the cheating and the refs bailing them out every week.  the 3 straight holding calls on the falcons in the superbowl on 3rd down is proof of that.  I agree with you that the rabbit hole can lead in other directions also...

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1 minute ago, falconsd56 said:

Who said defense wins championships?

Defense has been neutered. Nfl made it all about offense.

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