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Bump until Saints taste defeat!

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26 minutes ago, TRUju2111 said:

I wish Falcon fans would just shut the Saints down once we lost. Yet all the Falcons fans become food for the blob, and with every fan it gets bigger and bigger. Turning your chin up to the Aints is the biggest victory you can have this year or any other year we are not in contention

I dont know what you're saying, but bump!

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2 hours ago, Monolith2001 said:

While I don't care for them winning a SB in the Benz, we're going to need more than a wishing well thread.   Go Rams but the team I think that can really beat them is the usual suspects.  I don't trust the Rams or Chief's defenses.  Pats won't lose SB twice in a row. 

Which is why if the Lams find a way to lose, I will be forced to be a Pats fan!

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4 hours ago, SaintRay said:

Rent free .....lol

Please...don't act like it does not go both ways.... I remember in 2012 and we were in the nfc championship game........ That year the Superbowl was in that toilet that you call a stadium and Saints fans were scared chitless of the possibility of the falcons winning on the saints field

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