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Who has been on this Message Board the longest?

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1 hour ago, MSalmon said:

I joined in 1999. @gazoo .I’m thinking is the longest tenured MB member, or @capologist. Both were on here when I joined.


Well....I seem to remember posting here when the Falcons acquired Jeff George.

I -know- I made a post where I criticized the draft day trade when we acquired TE Reggie Kelly....

I've been thru at least two board reconfigurations....

Don't the boards have, like, a registration date posted somewhere?

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21 minutes ago, 1989Fan said:

Agree...it was great then. If it was like it is now back then, I may not still be here. Those glory days keep me coming back.

Some good threads stick in my mind

- Morton anderson is so old that...(great photoshops)

- Move Duckett to FB

- 0-16 is staring us in the face!

- I hate y’all (peerless price)

I hate ya'll was classic for sure!

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52 minutes ago, The Great American said:

What year did a group of delegates from this forum tour the Falcons facilities?  I was around then and I remember some Bronco fans trolling us before our first Super Bowl appearance.  Went by another name back in those days.   

I believe that was 2002. Levak invited about 20 of us to the Branch for a Marketing session to help reshape TATF. Best Falcon experience I've ever had. Included a full Branch tour. Locker room, training room, weight room, draft room, team rooms, Reeves' office, you name it. Got to quiz a scout and finished with free lunch in the cafeteria. Butta. Wont forget. There's a pic of us out there on the web somewhere.

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Don't you mean Keith Brookings??????

Daddyknowsbest insisting that TJ Duckett was the man and Dunn sucked.

Gazoo, Cap, Banker(mod) swift, daddy, they were all here the 1st time I posted as well as many more.

I 1st came after the bowl in ...I guess that would be 99.

Lost interest pretty quickly....this is the only social media I do.,,,,so I come and go

I lost post in 1 or 2 of the migrations but never had a high amount......more of a reader I guess.


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56 minutes ago, 1989Fan said:

Man not sure, been a while though..I think 2000-2001, so not as long as some of y’all. Actually never lost my screen name somehow.

My screen name when I joined was BirdFan. Got banned by a bunch of mini mods. Sac, Banker, Rev, Shiny, you name it. Levak told em to let me back on. That's when I changed my nic to FFS1970. Yall boys wouldn't have survived the boards back in 2001. It was brutal. A lot of racial Vick stuff. Nasty.

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1 hour ago, Francis York Morgan said:

2006 I believe. Had a profile before this called The Iron Lotus...can't even remember what before that. Something corny like punkforlife, lmao.

I miss dudes like swift and #1 pick...too bad they went off the deep end. Had some good debates

Me too bro. Me and Swift were the only two realists on the board. TATF couldn't handle it. The truth hurts. We caught plenty bans. Swift got the perma perma perma ban. I got two perma bans but got voted back in. Once by Levak and again by Larry. Larry gave me another point a few weeks ago though so one more ban and I'm probably gone for good like Swift. Free Swift. I miss him. He was right about so much. And yes he was not a troll. He was a bonafide Falcon fan. Trust me. Way more than some of these guys wanting to bail because the Aints might play in the Benz.

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