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10 minutes ago, AndrewsFrancisBart said:

Haha, you're killing my Sunday buzz, man.  Back to the liquor cabinet.

Now, if the Eagles can knock off the Aints, I'll be high for the rest of the offseason.

Lol before you make the trip it’s the NFC team turn to be the home team so the Saints will be in our locker room

Now go make your drink 

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1 hour ago, dirtybirds999 said:

I wouldn't watch. Only team I hate more than the aints is the Patriots

At least the Falcons logo of an 'attacking Falcon' will not be on the field for a Saints photo session. The only thing left telling you this where the Falcons play are all those championship banners hanging from the rafters.

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Understand the hate for the Saints, but not really why the Patriots playing them in the super bowl this year is our “nightmare” Doesn’t make sense. I’d actively root for the Patriots in that scenario. The patriots beat us in the super bowl in a way no other team in NFL history could have or would have.

Tom Brady is officially the greatest QB of all time. We’re honestly all lucky we get to watch the man play today and witness greatness. He went from a 6th round draft pick, chubby guy no one wanted to the GOAT. And he told Robert Kraft when he met him that his franchise just made the best decision in their history. He was right. 

In summary, **** the Saints. 

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