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Tomahawk Choppa

Official Charger's at Patriots Game Thread

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14 minutes ago, falconsd56 said:

Yeah i did not see that.....i saw atleast 2 other times where they went low and it was not called.


So what do you make of that in how do you interpret the discrepancy of calling one thing but not the others. 

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56 minutes ago, mqg96 said:

I understand a lot of people on here are glad the Chargers are losing because we're tired of hearing the media hype up Phillip Rivers after all the years he missed the playoffs, and he doesn't compare to Matt Ryan who has accomplished a lot more than him, yet the media doesn't give Matt Ryan enough credit.

I think it's because the Chargers are from Los Angeles while the Falcons are from Atlanta of course. I'm sorry but I will never root for the Patriots. I hate this result. With a Saints win over the Eagles today the nightmare Super Bowl matchup in Atlanta we talked about all year long is one step closer. Feels like Thanos getting the last infinity stone before snapping Atlanta out of existence. 

I actually wanted to see Phillip actually win one hes one of the good ones i hope to see win it before he sits down.not concerned with the media..we all know the truth about matt and what he is as far has a player goes.but like i said earlier phillip just not gonna win one long as tom is still playing..and now you have mahomes emerging..just tough

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1 hour ago, Duff_Man said:

Yeah that's a coaching failure in the NFL. And only lasted 2 years before it was too much and he bolted.

You try winning games with Daunte Culpepper and Cleo Lemon and get back to me. The reason he bolted was because he had no say in picking the players as shown by him wanting Drew Brees and the front office sticking him with Culpepper.

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