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RB to Replace Teco - Your Thoughts?

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Coleman is basically out the door and Freeman is a big question mark this season after the injuries and concussion problems. Another bit hit to the head could end this guys career, which is an absolute shame. Devonta at his best is a top 5 back. 

If Devonta is done in a year or two, best case scenario is we have a guy like Josh Jacobs on the roster. My favorite running back in the draft and I’d take him at our second round pick and not bat an eye.

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21 hours ago, Atl Falcon said:

I thought Clemson exposed Bama OL and made them look bad at times...of course Clemson DL made lots of Ols look bad

To be fair, Bama accumulates lije 500yards of offense and like 6 ypc.  By the 3rd quarter Bama was forced to pass every down.  No OL looks good when every play is an obvious passing downs 

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Jacobs absolutely has the talent, and I'm not being a homer as I'm a Georgia fan. He's also not going to go where I'd be comfortable with going ahead and getting him as I bet he ends up being a first round draft pick. The NFL absolutely loves pass catching backs today. If still there in the second, I'd take him, but I highly highly doubt he'll be there then, as it seems like the NFL is beginning to trend toward discounting raw stats and looking at overall ability.

Has Alvin Kamara 2.0 written all over him. 

Like I've talked about in discord (Braves discord, not a Falcons one), I'm for waiting and seeing if Devonta can bring it again with his ability due to the 2020 RB class. This year in the draft should be about trying to fix the LOS on offense and defense.

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