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Koetter & The Offense: 2019

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So I’ve been thinking about how Koetter will mesh his passing philosophy with the Falcons version of the WCO.  When Shannahan used 4 verticals he also added a shallow underneath option for Ryan.  Id also love to see more Texas routes to get our RB’s more engaged in the passing game.  

KS ran this quite a bit and I’m hopeful we will see more of it under Koetter.  Our RB’s were an afterthought in the passing game under Sark.

What other concepts do you think we will thrive in next year?

Four Verticals 


The four vertical concept is run throughout the league, but Shanahan does a really good job of dressing it up based on personnel and alignment with an added bonus of an underneath option.

With two tight ends and two wide receivers on the field, the Falcons shift Coleman (H) from the backfield out wide. This can create matchup issues for man-coverage teams (linebacker has to remove in coverage) with Coleman pressing downfield on the inside seam. That gives the Falcons four vertical routes, with Coleman and Hooper (Y) running the seam routes and Sanu (Z) and Levine Toilolo (U) on the outside fades.

However, don't forget about Jones (X) running the inside smash or shallow crosser. This allows Ryan to use Jones as a checkdown or underneath matchup option. And getting the ball to Jones with space to run after the catch is a nightmare for opposing defenses.

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Julio kills on this if OL holds up

Cross-Country Dagger


The Falcons led the NFL in multiple categories when running play-action during the regular season, such as passes thrown (133), yards per attempt (11.8) and total passing yards (1,531).

That's what we see here on the cross-country dagger out of a standard pro I slot formation with wide receivers Julio Jones (Z) and Mohamed Sanu (X) stacked outside. This is a deep clear-out concept, with quarterback Matt Ryan (Q) using the weakside play-action to running back Devonta Freeman (H) to bring the second-level defenders to the line of scrimmage.

That opens up an inside throwing window to hit Jones on the 15-yard dig-route (square-in) while Sanu bends the seam to run off the top of the secondary. It's a high-percentage throw for Ryan (inside breaking route) with Jones working to the vacated area of the field.

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Sark did a nice job using Sanu on Yankee routes.  

Yankee Route


The Yankee route traces back to Shanahan's time in Washington with Robert Griffin III at quarterback. It's a deep play-action concept designed to create an open throwing lane by occupying the top of the defense. Throw in some added window dressing, and this is a tough concept to defend.

The Falcons align the wide receivers in reduced splits tight to the core of the formation (false run keys) and use the run action to remove the underneath defenders. At the snap, the tight end (Y) comes back across the formation on the arc block, with Freeman (H) on the downhill zone action and Gabriel on the reverse (W). This allows Ryan (Q) to go through two play-action fakes while Jones (X) runs the deep post. That removes the backside cornerback and occupies the safety in the deep middle of the field.

With Sanu (Z) working back on the deep crossing route, Ryan can set his feet off the play-action and target the receiver in the now-vacated area of the field. This is a classic "shot zone" play for Shanahan (ball between the 40s), creating an opportunity for the Falcons to flip the field or advance into scoring position.

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7 minutes ago, Jesus said:

Sometimes you run the ball.

Sometimes you pass the ball.

Once in awhile you kick it.

LOL...but I don’t like kickers.  

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Also love me some Levels Concepts:



The Falcons love to use levels concepts. These can be packaged into hi-lo reads for Ryan while also creating natural "pick" situations for wide receivers and backs to come clean as underneath options.

Here, the Falcons align in an empty set with Freeman (H) removed from the formation. This gives Ryan a "levels" concept to the strong side of the formation with Hooper (Y) running the dig route and both Gabriel (Z) and Jones (W) on the smash routes (5-yard in-cuts). This creates a natural pick for Jones on the inside cut to beat man coverage on a middle-of-the-field throw.

To the weakside, Ryan can throw the "VO" concept (vertical-out) with Sanu (X) on the fade and Freeman running the flat route. But Ryan's first read is to the three-WR side of the formation -- and he can throw this concept versus both zone and man coverage. Get the ball out and give your receivers room to run after the catch. That's free money.

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