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People losing their minds over Koetter going to be end of the running attack and need to temper themselves just a little bit such a over-reaction...Provided some stats to compare and then please do yourselve some extra leg work and compare the Offensive line/Running back talent between these groups comparatively. The Post Falcons RB stable for one is better then any running back at the time Koetter had with Atlanta/TB. D.Martin is the closest in talent and the one year he had him healthy/not suspended D.Martin put up 1400+ yards and the next year probably finishes around 1000+ if played all season and no issues. The O-lines during Koetter tenure here were be all accounts pretty trash and makes our O-line this year just eyeball wise still more talented then most of his lines he head except maybe for 2012. No doubt Koetter likes his vertical passing and it's safe to say running attack won't be exactly the same but with Freeman,I.Smith, Hill and a little tweaking on the O-line still should easily be middle of the pack and we know Koetter and Ryan have a great relationship and with the current offensive talent and both with knowledge learned it a recipe for success together once again plus the main excitement I gather from this is because Quinn is fully taking over the Defense,Gameplanning, scheming and that 2016 second half of the year makes me have hope that with healthy players coming back and Quinn running it and not having to be so deeply wrapped into the whole package that this D can be top 10 again next year with a very good offense as well and get back to playoffs.

Post Koetter Rushing Stats
2018 27th - 98.3 (Coleman, I.Smith)
2017 13th - 115.4 (Freeman, Coleman)
2016 5th - 120.5 (Freeman, Coleman)
2015 19th - 100.4 (Freeman, Coleman)

Koetter Tenure Falcons/TB
2012 29th - 87.3 (M.Turner, JRodgers)
2013 32nd - 77.9 (Stephen Jackson, JRodgers)
2014 24th - 93.6 (Stephen Jackson, JRodgers,Asmith, Freeman)
2015 OC (TB) 5th 135.1 (D.Martin, C.Sims)
2016 HC (TB) 24th 101.0 (D.Martin**, C.Sim, JRodgers) by way this is still better #s then 2 of our past 4 years hmmm
**In Trouble/Injuries after his 1400 yard season only played 8 games.

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On 1/8/2019 at 6:59 PM, Godzilla1985 said:

I finally accepted that reality after the Browns game this year. Total clown show from the owner down to Captain Slogan and his buddy Major Mousse.  

Legit lol, and 100% agree.

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On 1/8/2019 at 6:13 PM, Flying Falcon said:

This season is gonna be a hard one to watch.

I disagree,, WE will at least win more games than we did this year... I'm very happy with the hires... Very... Now we need a great Draft and we'll be set to win some games next year.

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On 1/9/2019 at 10:15 AM, zekeyboy1 said:

He did turn Harry Douglas into a 1000 yd wr. THat should be the first thing on his resume. lol

Too bad he couldn't beat the Turf Monster.

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