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Report: Falcons have no front-runner for OC; Adam Gase and Gary Kubiak still in play

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14 minutes ago, MayorWest13 said:

Here's one example 


Here's another...

Even while maintaining a per-carry average that ranks in the top 12 in the league, Kenyan Drake has somehow gone from leading the NFL in rushing last December to taking a backseat role in the Dolphins’ running game this season.

After receiving 14 and 11 carries in the first two games, Drake has reached double digits in rushing attempts only twice in seven games since (13 against Chicago, 12 against Houston).

Frank Gore has had at least six more carries than Drake in three of Miami’s nine games, and the Dolphins have gone 1-2 in those games.


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7 minutes ago, Shagpill 2.0 said:

Why do the same thing that other teams do with Matt Ryan OCs. Peyton Manning made those years great. Period.

LOL!! Yeah, ok pal. Guess you know more than Peyton Manning!! No fluke that 2 of Peyton's 3 best seasons ever came at age 36 and 37 with Gase calling the shots.


But don't let facts get in the way of a good story.

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