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Falcons projected to get 2 mid round compensatory picks

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7 hours ago, raysnill1 said:

I'm hoping that TB release McCoy, in all honesty he's really the only FA I'm interested in. I just really like his game and his attitude

If we get Dirk, based on him and McCoy's relationship in TB, that could definitely help. Here's how he feels about Dirk:


“I am going to say this about Coach Koetter – and this is no knock to anybody I’ve ever played for – head coach wise, Coach Koetter and Coach Bob Stoops are on the same level to me for guys that I’ve played for,” McCoy said. “Just for who they are and what they’ve been to me and just how they are as coaches. I love Coach Koetter. I love his family – his family are great people. Every now and then I slip up and call him Dirk and I apologize for that because I don’t want to call any of my coaches by their first name, but Coach Koetter – I love him. That’s all I can say… I will say this, our coach has all of the support of us, this locker room, everyone around here and Gerald personally. I love coach, I really do.”

Yea, he'd be the OC, but to follow one of his favorite coaches to a division rival and play under DQ could be very tempting. We saw that draw Poe here. 

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