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Colts vs Texans wildcard game

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1 hour ago, slickgadawg said:

Dan Reeves used to roll the pocket to defeat those blitzes... Best coach the Falcons ever had...

Can’t be true. He couldn’t overcome 1 injury

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4 hours ago, Jesus said:

I know what I wrote.....

Well it's wrong cause the Colts and Pats will lose next weekend. And you actually thought both home teams in the NFC will lose. Well 0-1 on that. 

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16 hours ago, atljbo said:

Colts O-Line


LT - ANTHONY CASTONZO (2011 1st round)

LG - Quenton Nelson (2018 1st round)

C -  Ryan Kelly (2016 1st round)

RG - Mark Glowinski (2015 4th round)

T - Braden Smith (2018 2ND round)


Bruhhhhh if anybody tell me it's not smart to invest in OLINEMAN early in the draft.... If somebody say they dont want Rookie OO-Lineman....Bruhhhhh..If you have a freaking Matt Ryan and build a line like this that gives him time vs some of the better Defenses.

Look at the 1st and 2nd round talent the Saints has for Brees... Look at Dallas O-Line..


It ain't sexy but in this draft this needs to be our move to go with Matthews and Mack



Bro. Rookie OLinemen usually don't beast in year one. Yes there are exceptions like Nelson, who is an anomaly. Also there are plenty of teams with good OLines that weren't built with a bunch of first and second rounders. All three of these OLines graded out in the Top 5 by PFF this year. Look at how they were constructed:

  • NE - 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, UDFA
  • PHI - 1st, 3rd, 3rd, 6th, UDFA
  • PIT - 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, UDFA

The Oline Dimi put on the field to start 2018 was built with a 1st, 1st, 2nd, 6th and UDFA. Don't forget he took Sackmaker with a 1st, King Konz with a 2nd, Puddin in the 3rd and MyJohnson in the 3rd. As you can see the problem is he can't find good Olinemen with a flashlight and a freakin road map. He doesn't need to have anything to do with drafting Olineman this year. Especially in this weak OLine class. He needs to pick up two or three OLinemen in free agency. Proven guys that can come in and play NFL Football starting in week one. Screw up the OLine in 2019 and it could be his death knell.

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