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Alabama vs Clemson 2019 - College Football National Championship


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1 minute ago, mqg96 said:

As a UGA fan this is only going to make you more furious. We are the most tormented fanbase with the most talent for the past couple decades. All this means is that more of our rivals pile up on national titles above us, no different than Florida in 2006 and 2008 or Auburn in 2010. Heck, I'm still bitter about LSU having the BCS go their way in 2003 and them getting in the national championship as a 2 loss team in 2007.

LOL me and you both. 

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1 minute ago, Billy Ocean said:

Those recruiting rankings people put so much stock in would lead you to believe that Bama should have a significantly more talented roster than Clemson. Seems like Clemson has some pretty good coaching and player development going on over there.

Now this is very true.  They do a great job of developing  the talent they get. 

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Just now, sdogg said:

Are your eyes open now Kirby. That's how your best Bama. They are not this unstoppable Juggernaut 

Your right but Clemson has more beef more layered depth than Georgia. Dawgs are getting there, Clemson playing like they dont miss Lawrence. UGA needs all hands on deck against a team like Bama

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