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Alabama vs Clemson 2019 - College Football National Championship


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1 minute ago, g-dawg said:

Yeah Bama people on our board are good peeps but those on SEC Rant :lol: - they can suck it!

Georgia better win in Tuscaloosa by Jake Fromm's senior year. With all the juniors who are leaving early including replacing Deandre Baker and DeAndre Walker, those new guys are going to get experience in 2019 and Jake Fromm in his junior year will learn to work with less talented receivers, and next season we'll have a new defensive coordinator and we'll know for sure whether Chaney is our guy moving forward or not. That'll give everyone a full season to fix everything and face one more year of humility, then by 2020 we will be loaded to break our 40 year drought. 

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6 minutes ago, SacFalcFan said:

same here.. i was hoping bama would win, but i just can't now.. i am just enjoying this so far..  (nothing against the great bama fans on this board). 

Yeah they are good people but I’m going to let a couple of my coworkers have it in the am. :lol:

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2 minutes ago, g-dawg said:

Georgia coaches need to take stock in this game - Bama is beatable - Clemson on the other hand :lol:

The problem is you still have that lingering stat that Saban assistants haven't beaten him, but Georgia with Kirby have came the closest out of all the assistants twice. I'm looking forward to our match up in Tuscaloosa 2 seasons from now. 

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7 minutes ago, SacFalcFan said:

clemson is built like an SEC team and we are seeing it tonight. 

I said this back in the 2012 season before Florida State and Clemson won national titles, they are the 2 ACC teams that have always came the closest to resembling SEC schools. All the other ACC teams are just your average ACC teams. 

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1 minute ago, Carter said:

Gonna be huge noise about the SEC being overrated now that the “unbeatable Bama team” got blown out by Clemson with a true freshman QB and Georgia getting straight bullied by a 4 loss Texas.

The SEC was no weaker than the other power 5 conferences this year if you looked at everyone else. Ohio State getting blown out by Purdue!? Kentucky beat Penn State. Florida blew out Michigan. Alabama still beat Oklahoma. The PAC 12 was out long time ago. Come on now...

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