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Ledbetter: Dirk Koetter is the favorite to be the next Falcons OC

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I know this is similar to the other thread with one main difference.....these are DLed’s unvarnished thoughts. 

How he has a job is beyond me :rolleyes:



Ledbetter: Dirk Koetter is the favorite to be the next Falcons OC

Why Koetter's relationship with Matt Ryan has him in the driver's seat...

The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s D. Orlando Ledbetter joined Stan Norfleet Monday to talk about the Atlanta Falcons firing of offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel and special teams Coordinator Keith Armstrong. Ledbetter on what happened today with all of the firings at Flowery Branch... 

“It was a little overboard in my opinion," said Ledbetter. "Things must have been going wrong in the meetings. There had to be some disagreements about how to proceed on the field. That showed on the field as well.”

Ledbetter on if he was surprised... 

“I could make arguments to keep all three but I could also make arguments to get rid of all three,” Ledbetter said, and went on to say that all three won’t be unemployed for long.

Ledbetter on how he thinks the firings played out... 

“I don’t know. But Marquand Manuel is a guy who lost two Pro-Bowlers right up the middle of the defense," said Ledbetter. "There was going to be some bumps in the road but I think the defense was doing a fine job.”

Ledbetter on who the next offensive coordinator will be... 

“I think Dirk Koetter is the frontrunner right now," said Ledbetter. "Darrell Bevell is the other guy that’s out there. He will get an interview but Dirk Koetter’s relationship with Matt Ryan makes him the front runner right now.”

Ledbetter on Dan Quinn’s future: “His contract goes through 2022 so I have him staying through at least 2021.”

Ledbetter on Matt Ryan getting his fifth offensive coordinator since he started with the Falcons: “I think it will be Koetter. They have no time to waste. Matt Ryan is 33.”

Ledbetter on Thomas Dimitroff’s future: “I think he is fine but if goes bad it’s going to go bad for both (meaning Dan Quinn).”

Ledbetter on how he will remember the 2018 Falcons: “Injuries. Keanu Neal specifically. When he came off of the field in Philly I knew we were in trouble.”

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I don’t mind his opinions.   Seem logic based.  They are clearly stated as his opinion so no worries...

With that said, not sure about him saying the defense is fine...lol.  When healthy, yes the defense is fine.  But they were bad for 12 games this year

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"There was going to be some bumps in the road but I think the defense was doing a fine job.”


Wow! The defense was not doing a fine job..They couldn't rush, tackle, get a turnover..maybe the worst rushing defense I've seen in years. Any team could run right up the middle for 5-6 yards a pop all day long. Dled should retire..

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