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Open Letter to Dan Quinn, Arthur Blank and Thomas Dimitroff

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Please realize that our open OC position is a highly desirable position and you should pretty much have your pick of the litter of top choices.  PLEASE make the right choice and PLEASE DO NOT hire the first person who comes along just to say you made a hire..  Do your homework.  Don't just hire Bevell because he is Dan's friend.  Find the right person.  Get Matt Ryan heavily involved in this process. Unless there is a serious reason not to do so, and based on my admittedly limited knowledge of the ins and outs of our front office,  it appears that Gary Kubiak would be the best fit.  

I totally respect Dan Quinn deciding to run the defense.  He knows his job will be on the line and running the defense himself is the sign of a confident man. PLEASE ATTACK MORE!!  If you want to see what pressure can do, watch the last series of the Ravens/Browns game yesterday.  The Ravens gave Mayfield no time whatsoever to throw and he ended up throwing a pick.  Remember the Super Bowl?  In the first half we were in Brady's face on every snap and were up 28-3. Changing our pass rush/blitz intensity in the second half was a contributor (one of several) to us losing that game.  If you say fast and physical then BE fast and physical.  I would rather lose on a blitz than watch Brees pick us apart down the field with no rush.

Special Teams needs a coach who can make an impact.  The last time our ST made a seriously impactful play was Devin Hester several years ago.  Our ST has been as vanilla as you can ask for.  Have some fire.  These guys need to help us with bigger plays.  


Thank you,

A fan since I was sitting on my dad's lap watching the game when I was 4 years old in 1966 

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