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2018 Falcons MVPs


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With the season over, here are my team MVPs  (I'm doing 3 for O and D):


Matt Ryan:  While I will never be a fan of the traditional dropback passer that Matt Ryan is, he is my QB and did a really nice job this year.  I don't think he necessarily elevated the team but the bigger issue is that they more often than not let him down...especially the O line.

Julio Jones:  Easy enough...man just churns out yards and it doesn't even matter.  He stays hurt and it's almost not even worth putting on the injury report because he will play no matter what.  Even in week 17, dude was laying wood while blocking.

Mohamed Sanu:  This dude is the real deal and the embodiment of what an NFL role player should be.  Dynamic, tough, determined, flexible and a golden attitude.  The embodiment of consistent.  I love this dude.



Grady Jarrett:  When you see a guy terrorizing linemen while everyone around him sucks, you know he's good.  When the stats show the difference between when he's in and when he's not, he's great.  We need Grady!!!   I don't think I've seen Aaron Donald money but I do see a 4/60 with 40-48M in his pocket.

Damontae Kazee:  This dude is my favorite player when it comes to attitude and want-to and I almost got a 27 jersey for myself for Christmas.  Straight baller and ball hawk and plays like he's Beasley sized.  Rico is in my mind the better Safety and I welcome him back next year but Kazee is the better player and must be on the field as a 3rd safety or NB in 2019.

Jack Crawford:  This dude plays his *** off.  I don't think he's actually that talented but he he is relentless and strong and I'll take that all day.  Easily our 2nd most consistent player behind Grady.


Rookies of the Year

Calvin Ridley (OROY):  What a year and the only reason he is not in my official top 3 is due to the drops and Sanu needed to be recognized.

Foyesade Oluokun (DROY):   This kid was impressive.  He made mistakes but looked like an all-Pro next to Duke and the reserves.  We may have found our starting WILL/backup MIKE LB.  Needs to be a little better in coverage but like the effort and toughness. 

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