Ridley’s Rookie Season

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7 hours ago, ya_boi_j said:

Rams won a super bowl with multiple receivers that didn’t like contact. Emmitt Smith avoided contact. If you can avoid it, why not

Also Marvin Harrison, Jerry Rice, Warrick Dunn, it preserves your health and career. 

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3 hours ago, TheUsualStuff said:

Julio's length of time here is irrelevant.

I only mentioned it ...

12 hours ago, TheUsualStuff said:

He was the #3 receiver on a team with Julio Jones. 

...because you used him as the anchor statement in stating your position. 

That said, thanks for the discussion. There are far more who are on your side than sharing space on the fence with me. As long as we find a better OC, I'm all for letting him go. However, if we are just looking for a scapegoat, I'd direct the search one level higher in the organization personally. AB disagrees with me on that, and he has the only vote that matters. 

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14 hours ago, falcndave said:

I think one of Sark's real strengths this season was scheming specifically for Ridley. He was able to consistently get him in match ups where literally all he needed to do was win 1-on-1 and make the catch. I expected a lot of Ridley, and he blew way past my lofty expectations. People underestimate the jump from college to pro. The change in game speed is more than some guys every overcome. Even if you play at Alabama, 80% of the DBs you face in your college career aren't going anywhere near an NFL field. To get 10 TDs and 800 yards out of a guy drafted deep in the first round is a great accomplishment. I think Sark had a lot to do with it. If you look back at the first few games of the 2017 season, you see Sark trying to using Gabriel in the way he was actually able to use Ridley in 2018. The difference was Ridley had the route skills and talent to beat almost anyone man on man in space. He didn't have to get them into a foot race. 

Think about other Falcons 1st round WRs. Roddy White?  Michael Jenkins? They were not terrible, but they certainly didn't come out of the gates their rookie year like Ridley. I think they were both into year 4 before they got their 10th TD. Now, in all fairness, they didn't have Ryan as QB and that does make a huge difference. Vick wasn't looking to maximize his receiving threats. Going back a little further, Pritchard was solid as a rookie, and had similar yardage (over 600 yards) to Ridley. He didn't hit the 10 TD mark as a pro until his 3rd season (a break out year in which he had 7 TDs). 

So, I'm indifferent on Sark. I want to see who they want, and then compare. But, he has demonstrated an understanding of individual skill sets and how to use them. He's not as great a liability as many want to make him out to be. I've seen worse. 

I really wanted to wait until mid season this year before drawing any conclusions on Sark. I was skeptical about hiring an OC from the college ranks, but I supported him 100% and gave him every benefit of the doubt I could.

There were times where he impressed me with his gameplans, but they were terribly inconsistent as fra as the utilization of all the weapons he had at his disposal last year, and that continued all throughout this year. The chronic mistakes of the offensive players also fall *partly* on him as well IMO. 

The chronic mistakes, penalties and pattern of inconsistency is my biggest issue. One week we destroy a defense, the next week we can’t move the ball at all.  Terribly inconsistent.

It is not his fault both of our starting OGs were injured and we had unreliable backups. But it seemed to me he was outschemed and outsmarted by defensive coordinators who knew more than him about how to attack those weaknesses and it seems he struggled trying to find a way to stop the bleeding. 

I agree with you he is not a “bad” OC, I just think he hasn’t the NFL experience to hang with the big boys and often once defensive coordinators see what we do that works, next game they see film and shut it down and it takes us too long to adjust.

I want to win a Super Bowl, and with the wealth of talent and superstars on our offense, we need an OC that knows how to attack defenses come nsistently each and every week. Especially once we get in playoffs. Last year in playoffs we destroyed Rams, then Eagles shut us completely down and we were eliminated. We were outsmarted and outschemed by Eagles defensive coordinator. 

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14 hours ago, ⚡Slumerican⚡ said:

I'm worried about the drops, he dropped alot of catchible passes.. Here's to him improving during the off season 

if he bulks up a little more maybe he can take some of those hits while trying to catch that he dropped. Alot were contested. 

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Considering that he will make a big leap body build wise with a full NFL offseason of working out Ridley can be a monster next season. What he did this year was solid. It's good to say his issues look to be easily correctable with time. 

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