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In Desperate but Brilliant Move to Save his Job, Quinn Announces OTA Tackling Clinics Lead by Julio Jones and Matt Bosher


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In all seriousness, if you want to understand how this happened (or teach a kid the right way to tackle):

1) Watch Matt’s feet.  He gets himself into position to make the hit by keeping his feet moving (quickly!!!) until the moment before impact.  Any type of defense in any sport is about keeping the feet moving and Bosher does that to perfection here. 

2) After getting into position with his feet, he makes the tackle with his legs.  His butt is low, he plants his left foot and uses that 315 pound squat/press strength to drive through the ball carrier.  With devastating results.  

3) His head is up, arms are out, and he keeps his eyes on the target as he wraps up and drives his shoulder through.  

“Merry Freakin’ Christmas, Kenyon!”

And Merry Christmas to TATF!


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