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Saints fans are jealous of us


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I have to agree with OP, I go on the Super Forum from time to time and I noticed an above average unusual obsession with anything Falcon related. As a matter of fact Saints fans I know personally remind me we have a rivalry more than I think about.

I guess it all started when they made their pilgrimage to Atlanta after Katrina and were mystified why our streets don’t smell like urine. 

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7 minutes ago, octoslash said:

It's a rivalry.  It wouldn't be a rivalry without a certain amount of obsessed fans...on both sides. 

I agree.... it’s probably more of an obsession than being jealous. Rivalries hate each other so it’s like the old saying goes “ keep your friends close and your enemy closer”

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We are the definition of mediocrity for an organization and I hate it so much... The saints always take care of business when the lights are on smh don't matter who the team is... Even in our best years we seem to always lose to a more superior team in Primetime... May be every blue moon we win... So again they have no reason to be jealous of us...

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