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With his 75 yard TD pass to Ridley, Matt Ryan is now 13th all time in both Passing yards and Passing TDs


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27 minutes ago, UnrealfalcoN said:

If we lost you would have been here crying about the team losing to a backup and how this team is worse than you thought :rolleyes:

Don't know about anyone else but I sure would be disappointed if the Falcons lost to Panther and a backup QB.  Heck I am disappointed every time Falcons loses. 

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8 minutes ago, 81KJW said:

So Matt Ryan knows how to put up numbers just not how win football games.  

101 wins in 11 seasons = does not know how to win. Thats an average of 9+ per season.

Brees has 154 wins in 17 seasons... for 9+ per game. Ryans exact average is actually more than Brees.

But keep yapping you’re gums. Next you’ll tell us how Ryan is the reason we lost SB51. Not surprising from a troll with 70 posts.

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