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Falcons--Cardinals gif review

Goober Pyle

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9 hours ago, E. T. said:

If I had to nitpick anything from this game, some of the Falcons playcalling/execution on 3rd down wasn't good enough. Cardinals clearly knew Julio was getting the ball with both WRs blocking. Drop obviously doesn't help, but you can't be this predictable and expect to succeed.

8 Stark makes a great point here!

I still cringe when writers associate predictability with play success.  Run plays and screens are the main plays prone to predictability.  Because a QB has multiple options to pass a ball, pass plays can't be predictable.  This is a rub route in man coverage.  Good play call for man coverage.  The CB was pressed and played tight so it was a tough pass.  Normally, in the slot the CB isn't pressed on Julio like that, so considering that the OC isn't calling plays based on psychic abilities and instead on tendencies, this is extremely nitpicky.  

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