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The real reason we haven't improved since the injuries


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We can't discount injuries to key players played a major part in our demise this season. However when DQ said yesterday "that he was kind of in disbelief." Said it all for me. DQ and TD were over confident after their last two years success. I think they thought too much of themselves. IMHO this explains why they sat on their hands instead of trying to get the team the help we needed. That stance "We are good like we are." Help sink us. TD's M.O. of getting no name OL's and DL's who were non-factors on their prior teams and think they were going to come in and make a  difference was ludicrous. This explains why DQ has that detached look. All the RAH-RAH he convinced himself that the team was going to do it and his Staff would make it happen. If TD and DQ are willing to change they can put us right back in there 2019.

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