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Three letters: W. T. F.

Like seriously? We just so happen to miss on all these late round black dudes who can actually play guard or tackle either really well or at least pretty solid?? Does Dimitrioff & Whomever not like the idea of BLACK Offensive Lineman? DUANE BROWN?? CLIVE WARFORd??

Who else?? I feel like it's a conspiracy now. Look at the way fricking CHRIS CHESTER was the glue to that 2016 Line man! It's right here in our faces the entire time like 10 years worth of friggin evidence!

I am personally appalled to have noticed such an egregiously mind-blowing trend that obviously has left our TRUE sportsmanship a little wanting... Smh.

It's an obvious trend at this point that never gets really discussed and/or fixed in this area of the map. And there are a lot of guys who either can or maybe still could have played and represented a much better role on The Current Falcon roster. Not only those just named Deion Jones or Keanu Neal. 

There are still a ton of role-players who are missing on our side. They WERE there then whoosh! New stadium! With the same old bs. Smh.

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