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***Official Falcons @ Packers In-Game Thread***


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2 minutes ago, Matt_The Iceman_Ryan said:

Over 12 penalties in game...just terrible coaching...


2nd penalty on Mack...glad to have another overpaid OL on the down end of career

Both calls on Mack were absolute bs. The double standard in this game for o-line holding is laughable. Packers get away with so much holding it’s insane

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2 minutes ago, Sandy5prings said:

The bad thing with rah rah guys as head coaches is when you lose the team it is just ugly. We saw that with Pete Carroll a couple of years ago. Scheme geniuses like Sean Payton are still respected by their players when things go bad because everyone knows the coach is a genius. But when rah rah guys lose the team's trust, there is no bottom

"SchemeGenius" Payton has 5 non-winning seasons. You have to give guys a chance.

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Just now, Matt_The Iceman_Ryan said:

United game is where it’s at...

Falcons games are just Sunday, Funday rap parties...what’s on the field is the least of anyone’s interest

The dome had a better atmosphere for falcons game.


Mercedes Benz falcons games are full of empty seats and quiet people because they spent their entire vacation savings to get in there so they would rather spend their time walking around taking pictures.


Only United feels like a stadium when they play there.

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2 minutes ago, HMFIC said:

AB is in love with his stupid soccer team. No time for the Falcons.

Ah you mean the team that actually gives a **** and puts in a crazy amount of effort to actually win for their fans?  That stupid soccer team, is that the one you are talking about that has more fans show up for it than the Falcons could ever dream of getting right now. 

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