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Would we be better off long term if we traded Julio Jones after 2019?

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54 minutes ago, lee sunset said:

Falcons could have won LI in large part to the incredible catch Julio made.  It would be a replay shown for eternity and posts like this would not exist... 

That game had a lot more influential plays other than that catch! A receiver isn’t worth millions! It’s funny how every team in the league has a blueprint to follow and it is called New England but yet are to sturbun to follow the true leaders! You see how it works with them when a receiver says I need more money!! They gone!!!!!

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Fookie Land. That magical place where the grass is always greener.

A place where you can trade one player and the Oline will dominant, the Dline will be ferocious, the OC will never call an unsuccessful play and the Lombardi trophies will flow into the trophy case like a river over a flooded bank.

Yes Fookie Land. Or maybe it's called Cocaine.

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1 hour ago, Vandy said:

These navel-gazing trade-Julio threads give me the......


I wish the mods would either merge or delete them. They’re just dumb. In no way has Julio or Matt prohibited us from acquiring talent. Injuries, dumb coaching are not indicative of lack of talent

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On 12/6/2018 at 1:36 AM, robertap said:

This is why we will probably not win a superbowl under this management.  They're fans, not football people.  

Belichick told TD not to blow his wad on Julio.  TD didn't listen.  Since Julio was drafted, the Patriots have been to FOUR Superbowls and won two of them.  We lost our only Superbowl to Belichick, because our line/run game wasn't capable of eating clock.

Belichick is a smart man.  He knows how to win in the modern NFL.  TD was a moron for not listening to him, and we have paid the price for TD and Arthur Blank thinking like fans rather than smart football people.

WR's do not win Superbowls.  They only touch the ball a handful of plays per game.  They're simply not worth dropping big bucks on.  Your linemen and QB are vital to every play.  That's where you need to invest on offense.

How many WR's has Belichick taken for the Patriots in the first round?  ZERO.  Not a freaking one.  EVER.  TD has taken two.  <sigh>  Belichick did draft a couple of TE's back in the early 2000's, but TE's are significant to both the run game and the passing game.  Belichick builds from the inside out.  The lines are top priority.  WR's are shiny hood ornaments.  Belichick let Welker walk when he was due a big payday, and the Patriots have been in two Superbowls since.

Top WR's are not a key ingredient to winning in the NFL.  Until the front office figures that out, and they stop wasting money/draft picks on WR's, we're not winning the big game.  We needed a DT, and we needed OL this past draft...  We got a WR and a CB.  Our management is dumb. 

Matt Ryan has been bailing their butts out.  Highest passer rating QB to lose a Superbowl.  AND HE GOT US THERE with one of the best all time performances of a QB in the playoffs.  DQ, TD, and the rest have just been riding his coat tails.  If Blank wasn't such a fanboi, maybe he'd realize this and get Ryan a coaching staff and front office that knew what they were doing rather than being highly paid cheerleaders.

BRO YOUR SO RIGHT 100x OVER. I've been arguing the same thing with all of my Falcon fans friends for the longest but just like you stated with the front office they are just that and only that fans NOT football minds. JUST THINK if we had traded him the year that we went to the Super Bowl to help sure up the offensive line w a veteran Pro Bowl offensive guard & possibly a HIGH PICK OG from the draft. the outcome of the Super Bowl could have been very different and no one to tell me we wouldn't have gotten there because we didn't need Julio Jones to beat the Seahawks or the Packers in the playoffs BUT we did need a dynamic offensive line to beat the Patriots which we didn't have. 

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On 12/9/2018 at 0:01 PM, FalconinPA said:

Fact or opinion

Considering Brady was out for the entire 2008 season, and MATT FREAKING CASSEL led the team to an 11-5 record, I'd say that the system in New England figures heavily into Brady's success. 

Fortunately, we don't have any way to compare that against Ryan.  There are certainly plenty of fans that believe that someone else could come in here with our last in the league defense and run game and perform better than a 108+ passer rating and win more games.

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On 12/8/2018 at 3:35 PM, THEHEADCOACH said:

You don't need Brady. You need a good NFL QB with time to throw and WRs who can catch. That's all New England has had all these year. We could have traded Ryan for Brady back in 2008. The Patriots will still be doing the same thing and we would have still been doing the same thing. Only difference is, it would have been Ryan embarrassing us in the 2016 super bowl. It's all about the system.

I think you are right.  A well-organized team, from top to bottom, is what earns a championship.  

Brady gets all the accolades.  He is very good; one of the best.  But, if he played behind the Falcons' OL, he would be one of those QB's that just barely misses greatness.  

The Patriots are truly great because of BB.  Yes, Brady wins games, but only under the guidance and direction of BB.  

We need coaches doing their jobs; players doing their jobs.  

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