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Our soft media


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You figure if there was a year to ask DQ the tough questions, this would be it.

The season is officially in draft mode and yet nothing about Oliver's naps or sliding Gono to RT. We need to see what we have in the younger guys. The question was easily there to be asked after last game with the increase in snaps to Ito, yet no reporter asked anything about increasing the rest of the young guys snaps.

NY, Chi, La, Boston etc. the tough questions are asked. In Atlanta it's all Hallmark cards. I understand the people who are employed by the Falcons, but that softie Vaughn McClure or that Jason Butt dude could at least try to figure out what's going on this year.

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Atlanta has always been a soft media town.  I will say some of the radio guys have gotten a tad more critical but still...it’s kind of laughable.

Nobody really gets critical about our coaches or players to a lesser extent until guys are gone.  While Mike Smith was here, everyone on air was still spinning things as positively as possible.  Now they crack so many jokes at his expense.

Petrino was here and not a peep.  He bolted and you had guys saying he had always been a snake and they KNEW it and had BEEN saying it. :rolleyes:

It is annoying at times.

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1 hour ago, stizz said:

Like most here, I'm invested financially and emotionally. You're commenting on something you could have clicked out of. 

Eh I can comment all I want and click all I want. You can avoid paying anything financially if it is so emotionally damaging.

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