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Sugar Bowl - #15 Texas vs #5 Georgia


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This is from the Texas board.. 

Steer 1: The two teams I didn’t want us to draw was Alabama and Georgia.......and we draw Georgia. They both present ALOT of problems along both lines of scrimmage. I don’t know. Just hope for the best I guess.

Steer 2: 
To be the best, you have to beat the best. Let's do this!

Steer 3: 
This is EXACTLY what we want, a chance to see just where we are against of the elite programs. 

Steer 4: This could be a disaster for Texas if it gets out of hand. In the grand scheme of things (recruiting wise) a good four quarter game against an elite team is going to do wonders. A 30 point loss wont look good.

Steer 5: Our best hope is for Georgia to be very disappointed that they're not playing in the playoffs. While the Horns are highly motivated to play in a New Year's Day Bowl or any bowl for that matter and the Bulldogs are not.

Steer 6, the long suffering Steer where time remains 8:50 perpetually: 
Georgia gave me the worst sports pain of my life.... Cotton Bowl in 1984 (1983 season). Never have I seen a team win a game as outclassed as Georgia was that day. I believe they crossed the 50 yardline twice all game (or something ridiculous like that). It turned out that this cost us a national championship. 

Steer 7, If you are big, you must be slow: I am looking forward to it...I know you have to be careful what you wish for, but I am not completely convinced of the secsecsec hype. I dont buy that Bama is the best until they have won it all. I agree the georgia has great Oline and D line but I dont know how much speed they have and if they can handle LJH and CJ.

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17 minutes ago, Porter Osborne Jr said:

Their WRs make me nervous. That and their qb is pretty good.  But that’s it.  Hopefully we come in well prepared and ready to play so we can blow the doors off of them.

i know you know this already, but its all about "want to be there" when it comes to nonplayoff bowl games.  there is the one concern with UGA is after losing out on the playoff how much will our guys want to be there?  They can say publicly all they want they wil be ready, but no one will know til the game.  if we are ready to play we win by double digits. 

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I don’t see motivation being a problem. At least not more than once per season lol 

If we lose under Kirby I generally expect it to be that we just got beat straight up or we shot ourselves in the foot. The losses at Auburn and at LSU seem to be the exception and we will have to overcome that tendency to lay an egg on the road, but that’s another discussion.

We have a young team and a lot to play for with momentum heading into the offseason and a 2019 season where UGA could likely open as preseason #1 or #2. Kirby always preaches playing your assignment, playing the best you can irrespective of the scoreboard or anything else because when pro scouts look at you they don’t care about the score. 

Texas receivers present a potential problem but I don’t think Texas has any idea what kind of defensive speed we will throw at them. It’s a game where I can see us forcing them into mistakes or forcing their drives to stall more often than not. But if we have to out-Big 12 them I absolutely believe we can do that too.

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