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Has This Team Quit??


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3 hours ago, lostnmexico said:

Doesn't it seem like Julio changed after Shanny was replaced with Sark?

Has the defense really bought into Manuel.

What about Bobby Taylor?

Last year was the year where the message got sent that the inmates would run the asylum in my opinion because the coaching staff brought nothing to the table at that point.

btw, do you think this locker room really isnt having problems?? There just has to be, there’s a disconnect somewhere

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25 minutes ago, caponine said:

but how though?? if you quit, can you easily turn back on the switch

More of a regroup thing.  This team had SuperBowl dreams and knowing that a month away from the end of the season you’re not getting a sniff at that probably is a bit of a shock.  Some teams mail it in the rest of the way and get progressively worse but I actually do thin guys will start to give a better effort over the next 4 weeks if for no other reason to be here or on someone’s roster next season.  Some guys have too much pride to show up and keep giving pitiful performances.

That doesn’t mean they’ll win.  Just that the effort will likely be better.

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This team is like the workers at a retail store downsizing - they know their current store closes in 4 weeks and are showing up to work and do their required duties but their long-term focus is all over.

Ryan Schraeder/Robert Alford/Tevin Coleman (& others) - they know their future is not going to be in Atlanta and are thinking more of a new rebirth somewhere else

Mohammed Sanu/Grady Jarrett (& others) - they still think they have a chance to stay in Atlanta but can only do so much

Calvin Ridley/Demonta Kazee (& others) - youngsters who know they will be back next year and are just looking for enjoyment in these last few games

Matt Ryan/Julio Jones - manager-level employees who know the Falcons cannot get rid of but who really feel burned out currently and know many changes are coming

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