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Dear Arthur Blank

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Dear Arthur Blank

As a Falcon Faithful and long-time season ticket holder, I am extremely disappointed at the lack of leadership and effort from the Falcons.  I am reading that some people believe that because you are friends with Dan Quinn, you do not want to fire him.   If this is the case and it is based on something as shallow as this, I ask you one question, how did you get to be such a successful business person??  I would say it is because of your talents, vision, intelligence and smart investments with great returns.  Therefore, I say to you as a PSL & Season Ticket Holder (Club Level), I might add, I feel that I am not getting a good return on my investment.

If your investments are not yielding good returns, I am sure you stop investing.  So, I am asking you to stop investing in a HC that has in his portfolio of losing the SB the worst way any team has loss in the history of the SB (run the ball and you win).   Hires an OC that has plays that a 10-year-old can plan and has a defense that cannot stop the run, pass, tackle ….   and is supposed to be a defensive coach.  

Mr. Blank, take a look around the beautiful stadium you built and ask yourself on Falcon Gameday, is the atmosphere compared to New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Minnesota, Philadelphia and even Buffalo with not such a great team?  I will tell you it is not.  Please stop this madness before you use up the careers of arguably some of the best players in the league.

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