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McCarthy fired by packers.


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Just now, Ergo Proxy said:

Yep. Clearly a power struggle.

Also, it’s his 12th season there.

But the fire Quinn crowd wants heads to roll. Clearly the same thing!:rolleyes:

Anytime your coach has won a super bowl he’s going to get a million chances to continue to prove himself.  McCarthy and Quinn don’t even belong in the same breath. 

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1 minute ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

I was thinking today we need an offensive HC. Haven't had one since Reeves. Not counting Quitrino.

Do you think a Quittrino/Vick football marriage would've worked long term?  I was hopeful. 

But yes it seems like we need an offensive minded HC to right his ship. 

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2 minutes ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

When you think of that it kind of irks me that Ice Quinn/Sark haven't been bumping heads this season.  You cannot tell me Ice is happy with what's going on? Time to get vocal. 

Quinn throws subliminal shade but he won’t bash anyone like McCarthy has done Rodgers this season. 

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Again.  Sark is not the problem.  I rather keep Sark and bring in another defensive head coach.  The offensive line has been terrible. I don't care what kind of plays you draw up if you don't have a line.  Other than that the only adjustment the offense needs to make is Ryan running more in the redzone to loosen up those defenses.  

The ONLY way I would agree with moving on from Sark is if they brought Shanahan back as headcoach and Shanahan goes with someone like Todd Bowles who has a scheme thats more fitting for these small players Atlanta has on defense...  

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1 minute ago, since68andcounting said:

I'll be honest. He's the PERFECT coach for us right now. A diciplinarian, but also a tactician. He would not put up with this sloppy execution and dropped passes on offense.

If you looked at the Packers over the last 3 years now you would be foolish to want to touch McCarthy as a HC. OC he might be fine.

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3 minutes ago, KRUNKuno said:

Quinn should’ve been first.

Blame injuries if you want, his shortcomings as an NFL head coach have been on full display this year.

Full display since his 5-0 start with the Falcons...don’t hold it to just this year...

5-0 start, finishes 8-8

28-3 lead in SB, loses

The pathetic 4-8 season we are in right now

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