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*** Official Ravens Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***


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2 minutes ago, FalconinPA said:

I honestly don't think so, we replaced it with the ever dangerous toss sweep. 

I'm so **** sick of Toss Sweep!!! If I never see another toss sweep play the rest of my life I'll die a happy man!! Who am I kidding, we'll see at least 10 more toss sweep's today because that play has worked so amazing all season!!

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1 minute ago, A-TowN.- said:

Why we keep doing pitches is beyond me.  Our TEs can’t seal the edge to save their lives. 

Scouting Report for Hooper: Not a good blocker.

"Do your research" on the 2016 draft profiles..

Maybe the same for the other one.


Should have rfe-signed Toilolo. Blocking was more important that flash at TE.




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1 minute ago, Jerz #DukeSZN said:

He has a sturdy build..as long as he knows how to get down and out of the way he would be fine. His agility allows him to avoid a lot of big hits.

Don't get me wrong, I love watching the kid play.  He's easily the best QB in college right now, even better than Tua.  Just don't see his style working in the NFL.  He can throw the ball, but his go to is his feet and he won't last long like that.  

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