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December Recruiting Thread - let’s close the gap!!!

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I was at first upset that Fields is (presumably) leaving.

Then, I thought this may be a blessing in disguise, since it'll enable Fromm to play out his last 2 years without having to constantly look over his shoulder and no more momentum-killing random insertions of Fields just because we have him. Trying to keep one player happy is not a good reason to unnecessarily affect the play-calling.

Good luck to him. I just hope he doesn't go to Auburn or Florida.


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23 minutes ago, SacFalcFan said:

Now bama analysts like tim watts believes we get dean and sanders.  neal is very much in play IMO. 

Come on now that’s what I want to read at the end of today. Clicking off until the morning. 

Hope the clouds have cleared in the morning and we get some beautiful rays of sunshine with all this stars signing

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2 minutes ago, WOR said:

So I'm seeing on Twitter something about Bulldog Bob saying Jadon will be a Dawg? 

here is his quote.. 

This coaching staff ..

never ceases to amaze me . I’ll touch on that in just a second . First my apologies if u sent me a PM and I never responded . Nothing personal intended . Regarding Fields transfer there’s just not a lot to benefit from me saying anything so I won’t . I will say Jakes leadership is just incredible and he and others stepped up in a big way after LSU loss and hence why we played so well down the stretch . 
Here is what I love about this staff . Every time we have adversity (and every program will ) we respond and get better . (Ie Auburn loss last year , LSU loss this year ). This also goes past the field and how coaches handle off the field issues and challenges and yet again the results will speak for themselves . 

On to recruiting. Lots of solid posters have already posted very accurate info but I’ll add what I can . Simply remember kids do tell multiple staffs the same things sometimes and even change their minds after their last correspondence with us . (Not hedging just speaking the truth ). Having said that tomorrow will be a really good day . Yes on Sanders, Stevenson and a very nice surprise (it is possible it’s not tomorrow that this is announced but I fully expect this to happen and you will know the name when it does ). As Trent has said Neal is a wildcard that we have worked to the very last minute and I won’t be surprised with him picking Bama or us. Btw Haselwood has still told coaches he’s coming but this is one that we will have to recruit until the ink dries . Sorry for being long winded .
I’m out boys and Go Dawgs !

(above is bulldog bob)

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