Watching Georgia fans we are cursed

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18 minutes ago, falconsrsuper said:

 I hate seeing dumb comments like this and you posted it twice :rolleyes:

 Doesnt surprise me coming from a tech fan. How about a kid in high school ,So since hes never been to athens or never been an alumni he cant be a fan of the dogs? :huh:

You don’t get it, but that’s fine. Not sure what makes the comment dumb. It’s an opinionated statement geared towards a general fan base, but that’s fine. Call it dumb, doesn’t change the fact it is enjoyable to me watching UGA lose a 4th quarter lead in the N.C. game last year and the SEC game this year...or the Aaron Murray pass just short a couple years back. And that WVU Pate White Sugar Bowl, that was a good one too

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26 minutes ago, falconsrsuper said:

Most recent? I thought that was awarded to the Buffaloes? ?

Cute, Coaches N.C. in 1990...which is more recent than 1980...I can’t belive it’s been 38 years since UGAs last title? That’s so long for such a storied program...especially one that spends so much money and has rigorous academic and character standards...

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