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3 hours ago, kiwifalcon said:

I'm hoping for that so I can read all the negative nancies say how we can't even lose when we need to.


I would love to see us win out. People don’t seem to get the benefit of momentum. We ran off like 7 in a row to end the 97 season...panthers ran off a bunch in a row the year before they hit the SB too.

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3 hours ago, Dirty South Bird said:

I feel like the last three games I’ve watched the offense fumble and turnover games away...  

Because its your residual image of Falcons Madden rating of 94 in 2016.

We cannot stop ...straight basic vertical runs.

We cannot tackle.

We cannot execute and fill in gaps in rush defense.

We give up points in red zone at will.

That puts solid pressure on offense ...on TOP OF THAT.....

We dont have an elite offensive line.

Our Q.B gets hit the most over 80x in league and pressured.....and still has most passing yards in league and worst part.....led in rushing yards in last game....then, you know its more of a coaching flaw & lack of execution overall by key players.

Yes, there are miscues in all phases of game including by cosching staff. ...but, we just cannot put onus on offense.



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