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DE Zach Allen - Boston College


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Zach Allen does not get enough love for his potential fit in Atlanta. I'm a big fan of this guy the more I dig. He's 6'5 285 lbs and mean. He's physical and wins at the point of contact pretty consistently. When he doesn't his awareness is high enough that he's looking to knock the ball down. Last year, while Harold Landry received all of the fanfare, Zach Allen just went about his business with 100 tackles, 15 TFLs, and 4 sacks. 

At 6'5, he's got plenty of length like DQ likes. At 285lbs, he's powerful and hard to move. 100 tackles as a DL is very impressive. Overall, our defense needs more physicality, starting at the DL. We can't be pushed around and expected our small speedy LBs to make plays. The good thing about Allen is he doesn't lack pass rush. He's not the greatest, but playing Allen on first and second down doesn't restrict your pass rush. He's very smart and instinctive. He doesn't do dumb shlt outside of his role and responsibility. He can hold the point and two gap and disengage from blocks consistently because of his size, strength, and heavy hands. What I love most is he carries himself like a guy who eats dirt and chews glass. 

So far, his career numbers are 200 tackles, 40 TFLs, and 16.5 sacks. He's not just some 5 Tech, 3-4 DE. The kid is a football player. Put him next two Senat and you've got a brick wall. He would easily take over where Shelby was supposed to thrive. He's a player we can add on day two and it may not be sexy, but every Sunday you would know exactly who's showing up to play and kick a** and take names. Can't be fast and physical without the physical. 

Here's a game s Temple this year:

Highlights from 2017:


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I loved the idea of him because of his size, being great at setting the edge on rushing downs and still providing some pass rush. I still need to watch more, but from what I watched his stats and his size do not match his play. In the game I watched if he didn’t win in the first second  he just stood there like he didn’t know what to do next. Also got absolutely bullied by tightends a few times which isn’t something you expect to see with a guy of his size. 

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