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Atlanta Legends?


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1 hour ago, R_The_Great said:

Any chance Vick can be OC for the Falcons?

Look. I will say this: Andy Reid thinks so highly of Vick that he had him out in KC working with the quarterbacks on both the playbook and the position.  The focused Vick obviously knows what he is doing...

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Opening against the ol ball coach in Orlando, after Legends coach Childress bolted mid camp. Spurrier's done this **** before in the USFL, bet his team is slinging it starting in game,if he has still got it LOL. Cant be doing this for money. Murray might lose his job to Matt Simms.

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2 minutes ago, TheUsualStuff said:

Inaugural and Championship games to be televised.

CBS Sports Network is supposed to air one game a week.

I have seen some comments about them having an app and games can be streamed there, but I can't find this in the app store or anywhere else.


Little to no TV coverage and this is going to fail.

That’s what the NFL wants

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