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Saints sack/fumble on Ryan fastest ever for NextGen stats

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By Kevin Skiver

Saints force a Matt Ryan fumble with the fastest sack Next Gen Stats has recorded

The Falcons' Matt Ryan had a really rough Thanksgiving. His team lost 31-17, his wide receivers lost a pair of fumbles inside the 20-yard line, he was the team's leading rusher at 16 yards, and he had an interception that was tipped at the line. Ryan fumbled in the red zone himself on a Marcus Williams strip in the first half.

That strip came just 1.54 seconds after the snap, the fastest sack ever recorded by Next Gen Stats -- and Williams was blocked as he reached out to bat the ball.

It's crazy that that stat goes to a blitzing free safety, but it's a nice microcosm of how Thursday night went. Ryan had no time to do anything for the Falcons, and every time the team picked up momentum, something derailed the offense. The Falcons are now out of the NFC South race, and after Thursday it's easy to see why.

On the other side, everything is coming up New Orleans, who will look to continue their dominance of the NFC next Thursday against the Cowboys (stream on fuboTV, try for free). Williams's sack was one of six on the night, and he and P.J. Williams both notched sacks from the Saints secondary. Ryan was visibly frustrated at the end of Thursday's game, and given everything that happened around him, it's easy to see why.

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That's a good example of how you blitz. Obviously a short field helps the defense. Not knowing who's going to drop back and who's going to rush is a huge advantage. How come we never see Atlanta do this? Because they put 3 d line in and have only them on the line.

What is this offensive play called? It looks to me like there was only 1 option to throw to. The receivers to the right appear to be blocking from the beginning. It's hard to tell though it's over so fast. 

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