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Not hearing, No Respect this year! Why?


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10 minutes ago, roguebeaver said:

Obvious isn’t it? Last night shows why, blow out and a laugher on Thanksgiving night! Oh, and Arthur having to back boo Quinn up with a vote of confidence! After an arse whooping by the Taints...

Time for a coaching change! 

Dang, wasted and wasting away in Hotlanta!

Probably need a owner change too lol.. this team needs to be gutted from top to bottom. And inside and out... remember how Falcons fans used to complain back in the day that the Falcons did not want to pay money for good players? well got all the good players we need, we just don't have the good coaches.. didn't the Patriots make a trade to even get Bill Belichick back in the day? I may be mistaken, but if it's possible to trade for a head coach why can't we do such a thing?

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