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How To Start Next Off-Season

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When the 2018 season ends this year for the Falcons after week 17 this year and black Monday roles around the off season needs  to start by FIRING  Dan Quinn and the entire coaching staff as well as Thomas Dimitroff.

Then when it comes times to make cuts before Free agency see starts the team will have 24.4m cap room.

The following cuts are needed to be made as its time to blow up this team

1.Vic Beasly frees up 12.8M - 1 Good season both before and after that season he has proven to be at best  a situational pass rushes with only 1 pass rush move not worth this money he would get.

2. Robert Alford frees up 7.9M- He has fallen off of a cliff this season and will now be on the wrong side of 30 and there is nothing showing he will improve Time to have Oliver take over next season for him as his contract is easier to get out of then Trufants at this time.

3.Brooks Reed. frees up 4.5M - Easy call here should have been cut this offseason

4. Ryan Schrader- Frees up 3.95M.  Same as Alford play has fallen off of a cliff time to move on

5.Mohammad Sanu- Frees up 4.6M Hardest move here to make but with this team going into the 2019 season in this situation with a new GM and Head Coach/staff better off saving the money and facilitating it else where


leaves the team with 74.4M in cap room and now would be time for the team to resign players they need to keep (Grady and Jones)  and hopefully enough money to rebuild the trenches and getting a start ready for the 2020 season  

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I don't like getting rid of Quinn because I think he has earned at least one more year. I also would like to see Sanu stick around. 

But I'm on board with Alford, Beasley, Schrader and Reed being cut. Don't know anything about the numbers, but I'll trust your numbers on this one lol. 

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