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Just Blow It Up


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The falcons are just trash, hate to say it but I'm tired of beating around the bush. Our problems are way deeper then most wanna realize. Quinn has lost the room, offense looks lost, no depth, terrible fundamentals.  This won't be a quick fix, it's a tough pill to swallow man. Didn't think we'd go down like this. Not even fighting, just a whimper.

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As long as I have followed this team I don't think I have ever seen them so beset with injuries to so many important players.  I have seen them quit before, for sure. It didn't feel like they were quitting as much tonight as just struggling to finish. That Ridley fumble was crazy. He was a few inches from the end zone. 

Something got into their heads in Cleveland. They haven't been able to shake it. Tonight was winnable. Last week was winnable too.

I will say this the offense isn't trying to dominate. It feels like the other teams have the playbook. You don't see that with the Saints for example. It's not like they have an endless pile of plays either. 

Something needs to change, but blowing it all up isn't it.

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