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These are the only 4 defensive players

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I can see us targeting in the 1st rd. It's early and a lot can change. I think we will have a top 15-17 pick and will go BPA at a position of need.

1. DT Derrick Brown

2. DT Christian Wilkins

3. DE Rashan Gary

4. DE Jachai Polite

Now let me break it down.  I believe we can eliminate Gary and Polite. Even though they are good pass rushers, I think DQ still has faith in his first ever draft pick VB. It's evident when we didn't trade him at the deadline. We don't know what was offered for him but DQ has shown that he sticks with his guys. I think the only reason we got Irvin is because he knows the system and is a proven vet. Gary and Polite have not played a snap in the league. Irvin might be here next year.

As for Brown and Wilkins I would lean more towards Wilkins. But I believe we still can get a DT in round 3-4. Guys like Dontavius Russell and Kenny Bigelow come to mind. And we rotate our DL so I think we can wait to draft a DT.  We've never drafted an O lineman in the 1st rd under DQ, but I believe this will be the draft that we will. I can see this like the Neal pick. We need an upgrade at RT, so I can see somebody like Dalton Risner who can play RT and C. He would be the BPA available at a position of need IMO. But if we do go defense I like Wilkins.

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