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As a reason to keep an HC, an Offensive Coodinator, etc? Then why isn’t the same consideration or value, or lack thereof  placed on players?!!! It’s okay to shed players and bring in rookies, of free agents who knows not of our playbook, philosophy, team chemistry, and think that’s more acceptable than changing out under performing coaches.,,yeah it’s all gravy when when things are clicking, but at the first sign of issues, we say dump some players, but keep the coaches for consistency!

If a coach scuks, just like players, let those clowns walk, and put’em on a greyhound out of town, and kick’em in the bum as the meander out the door! 

This I feel is the Falcons problem.  If they ain’t tilling the soil, then bury the sucklings, and set’em on fire!  Many need to go, hastily into the night! And not just players! 

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