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I will never respect the Saints as a franchise. They have a pill popping dead beat as a head coach who perpetually looks hungover. There only Super Bowl was gift wrapped by the officials. The Vikings were the better team but they called nothing on the Saints as they tried to cheap shot Favre out of the game.

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15 minutes ago, HEIST said:


As a board that's so aware that Saintsreport users lurk here and vice versa.. you'd think they would make the schadenfreude material a little bit harder to find <_< Embarrassing.

Ther’re already pretty full of themselves right now, coming here all smug about their season so far. Saw a couple condescending posts in here from the lurkers about some falcon fan posts on our injuries this year. I went at them hard on that too!

And yet some falcon fans in here actually saying they respect their tainted Super Bowl and all they’ve accomplished (whatever that is, other than from cheating)?

Newer falcon fans just don’t understand the hate. 

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8 hours ago, JOEinPHX said:

So maybe we should all just talk about what a POS Sean Payton is.  The latest evidence - up 38-7 on the Eagles, fourth quarter, fourth down, he dialed up a pass from the 37.  Touchdown.  His explanation was that the lead wasn't secure.

love it we take knees before half with 55 secs left 

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The OP mentions "Unity", but then goes on a mini butthurt rant about Payton running up the score? Huh? What's that have to do with unity?

I'd be happy if any Falcons HC wanted to run up the score on his opponent. I don't want a coach that cares about anyones feelings.

I for one don't care what happens with the Saints this year, becuse it will not change anything for the Falcons, who are going nowhere right now. Let the Saints win it all in our house. Maybe then this organization will finally get tired of being the ****** of the NFL. Just go ahead and add enother embarrasing factoid to the shame collection. I can barely keep any interest in watching anymore of the NFL as a result of watching the Falcons **** the bed every week with their ****** up gameplans, scrub players, and half efforts. **** this football season.


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On 11/19/2018 at 2:18 PM, Sun Tzu 7 said:

Not blowing the Super Bowl gives you a little bit of good will.

Being the only team to ever lose a Super Bowl by more than 10 points AND the first team to lose a Super Bowl in overtime.... actually when you're highlights are mostly historical losses... yeah that doesn't buy you as much good will if you don't follow it up with something other than making it back to the playoffs and then having the bottom fall out.

It could be worse you could be the Browns or the Bills take your pick on that one.

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39 minutes ago, Zone#7 said:

It could be worse you could be the Browns or the Bills take your pick on that one.

The team with 4 consecutive Superbowl appearances and loses

The team with the biggest choke job in sports history, (biggest stage = biggest choke), and the 1st team to ever to lose in Overtime.

That's a tough one but the former has a little bit more dignity.

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