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Bet the SAINTS blow the falcons away by 21 pts or more


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3 minutes ago, Peyton said:

The Saints are due for some unlucky bounces and whatnot, think the game will be closer than people think.

Even if it's closer than many people think, it's still probably going to be the worst massacre since Custer got skin-headed at the Little Big Horn.

The NFL Network should put a message up before the game: The following program contains graphic flock flogging. Birds will be plucked and roasted in the making of this program. May not be suitable for young children or adults who vomit easily.  :ninja:

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5 hours ago, oxygencube said:

With this team, you never know. I could see this game going either way along with the rest of the games this year. We could beat anybody but also lose to anybody. I've got no pulse on the identity of this team.

Umm you are crazy, our identity is no heart go through the motion and say we are a better team than how we played! Then the coaches are going to say some stupid stuff about brotherhood bla bla we will be better next weekend! Then we all think it will and yeah no we just suck.

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4 hours ago, Champagne said:

The way I see this game is like this. Saints are all cocky and over-confident thinking that the Falcs will just roll over and pee on themselves. Meanwhile, the Falcs remember what happened in Cleveland when the visitors were over-confident. 

Cut to the chase, the Falcs become the feisty underdogs that win the game against the over-confident Saints! 

THEN the Falcs run the table to make the Playoffs!

That's how I see it.




Haha love the heart but remember the falcons don’t play with there heart. They really could careless about winning this game! Payton will use the most deadly plays on us and the score will be 52 to 10.

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14 hours ago, GABLACKBIRD said:

But you know what? If it is a blowout that will be great ( hope it is 51 to 7) maybe could be motivation for next year

To say it will be a blow is one thing. To hope we lose 51-7, and be a Falcons Fan is total BS. Motivation can come with a 1 point loss vs our rival. Get out of your feelings 

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1 minute ago, Faithful Falcon said:

Yep, because that wouldn't motivate anyone. We would have to go back to the Vick days, and bring someone in to sell tickets.

That's probably what we need to do. That would boost our team to at least 3 extra wins we probably wouldn't win like we did in some games back then When we had Vick#7

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