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Alford really, reallhy, really stinks


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Flame me, cut me, I really don't care. Alford is a freaking joke. Chasing down a receiver in the first half and holds his hands out  as the penalty flag lays next to him on the ground. How about the  long pass that the Cowboys hit near the end to get into FG position. Replay showed he was nowhere close. Those are just two examples. We could not stop their running, we could not stop their passing. How we drop to one of the worst defenses in one season is beyond me. Simple, its lose people to injuries (starters) and have the veteran starters like Alford and Trufont play poorly. I read where Alford couldn't understand why the fans have been giving him such a tough time. No clue pal, none at all.


PS don't give me the "we must get rid of Ryan" crap. He got pounded today like a cheap steak. Our defense count not stop Dallas.  That is why......

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