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UGA Basketball 2018-19

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Crean already has some of his type of players given that many recruits that Fox recruited didn’t fit his old triangle, feed it into the post offense (which even IF you have those players, that offense is ugly, boring, and doesn’t even work with big time players) and fit more of an up tempo offense. The problem he does have though is no good passing PG. I think everyone this season is going to be talking about Nic Claxton being a point center for good reason.

But Nic Claxton, Rayshaun Hammonds, Teshaun Hightower, and Tyree Crump are all obviously better in a more up tempo offense. An interesting thing is Wilridge and others probably fit a running game more too, but their confidence got destroyed by Mark Fox.

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Yea.. I watched the first half.. We had some guys try to bow up and chirp early (Claxton and Hammonds), but they got straight punked by the Admiral and Williams.. I mean Ogbeide led us in points.. oof

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2 hours ago, SacFalcFan said:

the worst loss ever IMO.. this is beyond embarrassing. 

UT's second most lopsided SEC victory in school history. I'm not surprised yesterday was a win, but winning by 46 was really unexpected to me.

I got off work at 4:00 yesterday, so I listened to quite a bit of the first half on the way home, but UT was up by so much by the time I got home 35 mins later that I watched Texans vs Colts instead.

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